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How the ACRP came into being

The idea of an Asian Conference on Religion and Peace was mooted in September 1974 at Leuven, Belgium, among Asian delegates attending the Second Assembly of World Conference on Religion and Peace.

        World Conference on Religion and Peace Foundation in 1968 as world both has a consultative status with the United Nations as an NGO, and its First Assembly was held in October 1970 at Kyoto, Japan.

       The two years preparation gave birth to the ACRP, and Asian religious people had a visible manifestation of their fellowship and concern for peace.

ACRP Background: About Us

The Aims and Aspirations of the Founders

 The aim and aspirations of the founders are

1.  To revitalize Asian religious heritage and to promote a creative and critical awareness of religious people in Asia in pursuit of peace, justice and human dignity, and

2.  To motivate the people of Asia and the pacific region to make concerted efforts to promote peace.

ACRP Background: ข้อความ

The Assembly of ACRP in ...

The first Assembly of ACRP in Singapore

    The Assembly was held in November1976 and attracted 400 participants from 17 countries representing 10 religions to discuss the theme “Peace through Religion” in three commissions

  • Peace Security and Human Dignity in Asia

  • New International Economic Order and Integrated National development

  • Development Service through inter-religious cooperation 

There was a youth meeting and a woman’s meeting also

Soon after the first Assembly, the Board People Project was started to help refugees from Indo-China, in response to an emergency call and action for the Assembly.

The Second Assembly in New Delhi, India

       The Assembly in November 1981 involved 450 participants from 20 countries representing 10 religious discussing the theme “ Religion in Action for Peace” divided into three commissions

  • Discrimination

  • Disparity

  • Violence

         In accordance with the spirit of the Declaration adopted at the Second Assembly , a Commission on Reconciliation and the ACRP Human Rights Center in New Delhi, the ACRP Peace Education Center in Colombo. The Commission on Development Service in Karachi, and the ACRP Peace Research Institute in Tokyo were established.

The Third Assembly in Seoul, South Korea

    In June 1986 involved 240 participants from 22 countries representing 10 religions. The main theme “ Bridge of Peace in Asia” was divided into three commissions:

  • Promotion of Human Dignity and Humanization

  • Liberation from Poverty

  • Consummation of Non-Violence

There are also five study groups such as Contribution of Asian Religion to the Global village

The Fourth Assembly in Katmandu, Nepal

    The Assembly was held in October, 1991 in Nepal with 300 participants from 21 countries representing 16 religions.  The main them “ Asian Religions Toward 21st Century” with four commissions

  • Dialogues and Cooperation of Religions for Harmony in Asia

  • Development and Environment in Industrializing Asia

  • Human Dignity and Peace in the Conflict Situation of Asia

  • Peace Education for a New Life Style and Culture in Asia

There was also a youth meeting and a woman’s meeting.

ACRP Background: ข้อความ

The Fifth Assembly in Ayutthaya, Thailand

The Assembly was held in 1996. The main theme was “ Our Asian Neighborhood” comprising five commissions.

  • Life together: Peace and Security in Asia

  • Toward a Dynamic Pluralism: Religion and Culture in Asia

  • Wholeness of Life: Nature and Humanity in Asia

  • Building a Sharing Community: Rich and Poor in Asia

  • Toward a New Partnership: Both sexes and different

It has been quite a long since it was said that we have lived in the world, which came to be called a global village.  People were together by a common fate, thus coming to be passed to the Earth. Our consciousness and understanding cannot rapidly change the reality of the world, thus unable by arising problems confronting us.  The whole earth is neighborhood.

ACRP Background: Who We Are


Get to Know Us

ACRP Background: Meet the Team



Somdej Phrapimondhama

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Dr. Sathit Lengtaisong


Professor Dr. Kramol Tongdhamachart


Dr. Kirti Bunchue


Mrs. Kanchana Soonsawad

World Conference Religions for Peace

WCRP stands for World Conference Religions for Peace, and it has been used on statements and documents that were issued for past 50 years.

Today, since “Religions for Peace” is widely used internationally, we use “Religions for Peace (RfP) Japan” to send out information from Japan including this website. Please note that WCRP Japan and RfP Japan is the same organization.

Likewise, Asian Conference of Religions for Peace(ACRP) uses Religions for Peace (RfP) Asia for the same reason.

ACRP Background: Who We Are
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